What is the Process?
Sleep studies are done at night and there are two types of studies that are done. One is the baseline which is the diagnosis portion of your diagnosis with sleep apnea. The second type of study would be the titration portion. Which is the study where you actually wear a mask and the pressures are set.
Can a sleep study be done in one night instead of two?
Yes, we can attempt to do a split night but we would have to have enough sleep to do both portions.
Will insurance cover sleep studies?
Yes, most insurance companies will cover either the in-lab sleep study or the home sleep study.
What is the difference between home study and the in lab, which is better?
Home studies will diagnosis Obstructive sleep apnea in your home where the in-lab test for obstructive sleep apnea but it also checks for periodic limb movement, night time seizures amongst other things.
What is the DME company?
DME or durable medical equipment company is where your provider will send your order to be fulfilled for your equipment and supplies.